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Save the date. gameZ & ruleZ 2022

Conference on game mechanics in design and culture

When? October 20th & 21st, 2022
Where? Room 5.K12 (level 5), Toni-Areal, Zurich University of the Arts

Play seems to be a free form, it is self-contained, and people do it to get satisfaction. It also helps us to communicate and understand what surrounds us. It is best understood in correlation to normal life or work. Work favours pain, and play favours pleasure. Work has to be done to increase productivity; play does not have to be productive; it is not constricted, may be spontaneous, aimless and creative at the same time. And you may even learn something by playing.

The conference looks at moments of play, different aspects of play and playful approaches in games, art and culture. What does free play mean in comparison to playing a game with set rules? What happens if we start changing some of the set rules? And what happens if we constrict free play with boundaries and some rules? If play is like a language, there must be some elements of play that we use in different kinds of playing.

With our guests, we are discussing these elements and their connections as mechanics of play. Jörg Piringer plays with language and code. Matteo Bittanti delves into the politics and ideology of playing video games. Sonia Fizek looks at playing at a distance, and Nathalie Lawhead makes us familiar with humour in playing with software. And there is more; we are pleased to welcome ten guest speakers at the gameZ & ruleZ 2022.

Link Website and full programme: here
The conference is organised by René Bauer (Head of MA-specialization Subject Area in Game Design & lecturer) , Dr. Mela Kocher (Research Fellow Subject Area in Game Design) & Dr. Beat Suter (Lecturer Subject Area in Game Design)

Save the date. gameZ & ruleZ 2022