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Conference «Expanding Immersive Design». Tickets now available!

Storytelling in the Virtual Age

This year’s annual conference «Expanding Immersive Design» focuses on narrative strategies in virtual spaces and takes place on November, 21st 2017 at Zurich University of the Arts. The urge to explore new worlds, to enter uncharted territory both physically and mentally, and to drift through an experience, is as old as humanity itself. As a starting point for discussion, attention is drawn to the genesis of our existing expectations towards immersive media from the perspectives of neuropsychology, technology and cultural history. The first VR glasses and related products are merely a taste of possibilities to come in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality.

This conference adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the field. It brings together international studios, experts from design, culture and science, and looks boldly to the future. In workshops, exhibitions and an extensive programme of talks, it addresses the urgent need to change the course of the debate around VR, which at present mainly centres on economic and technological aspects, and aims to turn it into a more fundamental debate – about the structure of the content and architecture of the immersive, digital and analogue spaces which frame it.

The ticketing for this year's edition of the conference «Expanding Immersive Design» and the related workshops started recently. We would like to point out that the number of participants for each ticket category is limited. Save your ticket now.

Beside the conference, ZHdK offers a diverse programme exploring and discussing the topic «Digitalisation» on November, 21st 2017.

«Digitaltag ZHdK» is part of the initiative «Digitaltag Schweiz», organised by digitalswitzerland.

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We would appreciate your interest and participation.

Conference «Expanding Immersive Design». Tickets now available!