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Kein Kino. Philip Steimel. machina eX

Reality has the best graphics – (Real Life) Game Design moderating social interaction

Guest: Philip Steimel, machina eX
Room: 5T07, Zurich University of the Arts

This semester's edition of the lecture «Kein Kino» is titled «Boundaries». It features artists, designers, researchers and industry professionals that are interested and not at all afraid of overcoming boundaries and decided to work in the intersection of Arts – Design – Technology. I am thrilled to have Philip Steimel confirmed for tonight’s talk.

Philip invents, programs and solders electrical gadgets for real life games. He is a founding member and was managing director of the media theatre collective machina eX for 9 years.

As game designer, he worked for Daedalic Entertainment and for Deutschlandradio Kultur where he designed for the audio only game «Blowback». He taught game design and Meatspace (Theater) for Game Design at the Cologne Game Lab and the FH Dortmund. Since 2018 he has been working on «dingsda» - an open source platform for sharing things instead of thoughts.

Philip writes on open source hardware, interaction design and game culture for the magazine WASD and other publications. In between, he advises several institutions, such as the foundation and cultural fonds and has acted as a consultant on computer game and interactive media for various museums and software and game companies. He regularly holds workshops on game design and/or physical computing.

© Margaux Kolly.
© Margaux Kolly.