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Our research activities are focused on bringing the functionality and processes of classic video games into new cultural or commercial domains. Bachelor’s and Master’s students alike gain real benefits from the research element of the Game Design course. Working alongside lecturers and research assistants, they explore innovative research issues in collaboration with international research partners.

The Subject Area Game Design has been working since 2004 on a large number of study and research projects in partnership with well-known international partners from industry and the tertiary education sector. These collaborations typically lead to published research findings, and/or fully functional technological applications.

The Subject Area Game Design is a service provider for partners from industry and the education sector. This includes consulting services on game concepts, designing presentation and exhibition formats, and workshops.

The main focus of research of the Subject Area Game Design is on Serious & Applied Games. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding potential R&D collaborations and cooperations by mail:

Experiments in innovation game design are conducted in the GameLab. The Game Archiv is resource for both education and research. The archive has a wide selection of media and playback equipment.

Our annual reports catalogue the publications of our lecturers and research assistants.

The research conducted in the Subject Area game design forms part of the research activities of the Department Design, as bundled in the Institute for Design Research (IDE). IDE is an integrative institute, coordinating and proactively supporting a wide range of research projects across the various subject areas. As the central point of contact for research projects in the Department Design, the IDE forms the bridge between the researchers in the Department and external research partners.

Key Research Areas