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The Master's degree programme guarantees students a comprehensive practical and scientific examination of future-oriented topics in today's game design.


René Bauer (Leitung der Mastervertiefung Game Design)
Mela Kocher (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Mastervertiefung Game Design)


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Key terms

Animation & 3D-Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Alternate Reality Games, Augmented Reality, Game Art, Gameplay, Gameproduction, Pervasive Games, Procedural Programming, Serious Games, Sound Design, Spielmechanik, Spielsysteme, Storytelling, Teamwork, Visual Design, Interactive Environments, Multisensory Interaction, Tangible Interface, Ubiquitous Computing, Social Game

Core subjects

The Master’s degree programme in Game Design offers the following core subjects:

Collaborative worlds

Game design is more than just entertainment; it provides opportunities to advance the collaborative generation of knowledge in both real and virtual worlds. The Collaborative Worlds core subject focuses on and develops new social networks that are located at the interface between real and artificially created worlds.

Game production

In the case of the core subject Game Production, the iterative process of variation and applied scientific reflection leads to a well-engineered game. Experimental prototypes combine storytelling, game mechanics, graphics, sound and technology to create the most innovative and high-quality games possible.

Ludic Game Art

Ludic Game Art creates content for mobile games, smartifacts, the iPhone and internet, game fashion, augmented reality and alternate reality games. Innovative design goes beyond the applications of conventional games, and creates new interfaces and forms of expression for our society.

Serious Games

The Serious Games core subject develops games for the fields of medicine, therapy, communication, evaluation and science. New inclusion and motivation strategies signal serious game design as a promising branch of game development.

Urban Games

Urban games are games of an analogue, digital or transreal nature that play out in an urban context. How must game mechanics be designed if the environment cannot be fully controlled? How does an urban or pervasive game change when it appears in a different cultural context? These and similar design and research questions are addressed in the Urban Games core subject using prototypes, experiments and events.

Career Opportunities

On completion of the Master’s programme, graduates will be capable of developing trendsetting products for the areas of entertainment, edutainment and infotainment, or providing expertise in guiding innovative product developments through the research stages.

Potential roles: Art Director, Game Artist, Game Concept Lead, Game Project Lead, Independent Game Developer, Cultural Producer, Media Artist, Serious Game Designer

Heidrun Föhn. Kairos. Master's thesis, ZHdK, 2015
Heidrun Föhn. Kairos. Master's thesis, ZHdK, 2015
Philomena Schwab. Niche. Master's thesis, ZHdK, 2016
Philomena Schwab. Niche. Master's thesis, ZHdK, 2016