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Kein Kino. Matthias Bühler

When: March 11th, 2019, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Where: Toni Kino, Zurich University of the Arts
Free admission

This semester's edition of the lecture «Kein Kino» is titled «Boundaries». It features artists, designers, researchers and industry professionals that are interested and not at all afraid of overcoming boundaries and decided to work in the intersection of Arts – Design – Technology. We're thrilled to have Matthias Bühler confirmed for one of the lectures in the spring semester.

Matthias Buehler is a specialist in the creation of procedural 3d urban environments and CEO/founder of vrbn studios. In this lecture, Matt will talk about his experience and some aspects to consider when trying to enter the field as an artist.

In the first part, Matt will quickly introduce himself and his work on the procedural city creation workflow he developed at Scanline VFX Vancouver, which was used in Hollywood Blockbusters such as «Independence Day: Resurgence», «Power Rangers», «Justice League» and «The Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2».

The second part is about some of the crucial aspects of 3d urban environments, like set types, environment components, the different artist roles and some of the management aspects. Urban environments can be massive challenges, so strategy and a well harmonizing team is everything.

In the third part, Matt talks about three common approaches to modeling 3d cities and compares them. A strong understanding of the different techniques is crucial to develop a feeling for which method is used best in which scenario, with it's pros and cons.

Kein Kino. Matthias Bühler