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Kein Kino. Marc Attalah. «Corps-concept»: Rethinking the axiomatic and axiological premisses of transhumanism

We would like to welcome you to this edition of the interdisciplinary lecture series Kein Kino with Marc Attalah (Director Maison d'Ailleurs, Yverdon les Bains) on the topic of «Corps-concept»: An exhibition to think about the axiomatic and axiological premisses of transhumanism. The lecture is open for the public and starts on November, 6th 2017 at 6:30 pm at Toni Kino, Toni-Areal.

Transhumanism. The word is not well-know yet, but the ideology at the very heart of this «movement» is minimally shared by almost everyone in Occidental countries: indeed, we believe, without reflecting this belief, that sciences and technologies have the power to help us enhancing our physical, emotional and mental capabilities. The main purpose of the lecture is to question this utopic mission: why do we want to enhance human capabilities? Why do we desperately want to push ourselves beyond our limits? In other words, why do we want to kill the human being for replacing it by a posthuman being? For answering those wide questions, Marc Attalah likes to rely on an exhibition conceived by the House of Elsewhere – the science fiction museum located in Yverdon-les-Bains – and on some results given by the theories of fiction. In brief, he’d like to discuss, with the help of Art, Fiction and Metaphor, on the necessity, today, to not only accept passively the dreams born in the technoscientific field, but to narrativize them in order to understand the image they are drawing of human condition.