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ReQuest - A journey for heroes

«ReQuest - A journey for heroes» is an adventure game played with virtual reality glasses. It focuses on the classic hero's journey: The player helps the characters to survive a journey over five acts. If all goes well, the envoys return home as heroes.

In the game, this classic material is reduced to a board game aesthetic, whereby the animated characters seem to act autonomously and have a certain life of their own.

With the virtual reality glasses, the players enter a virtual space where the action field of the hero's journey is arranged in a circle around them. Through body movements in real space, the game events in the virtual space can be determined and game figures or playing fields can be positioned.

«ReQuest» was created as part of a Bachelor's thesis in the Subjet Area in Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.


Chris Elvis Leisi (Game Design, Programming, Visual, Sound)


Mirjam Schnedl (Musik & Sound)






ReQuest - A journey for heroes