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SHAVE is an iPad Game where you shave objects. Hair – a strange, but also meaningful topic. Culturally connoted and socially charged: depending on where the hair grows, we think differently about it. The combination of fun and game-system reveals hidden behavioural patterns and conventions in a humorous way.

Videogames are often perceived as something funny and entertaining, with trivial stories and common tropes. The characters, the world, the challenges don't have much to do with everyday life. Therefore, many people are not even interested in videogames. The game SHAVE is different, it explores the conventions around «shaving» and «hair» and translates them into a playful system.

The environment of SHAVE is a clean white room, like a futuristic laboratory. The hairy objects are placed in the middle of this room and seem to float there. Shaving via touch input feels very satisfying and relaxing.

The action in SHAVE focuses on shaving. The game is divided into levels for each object that needs to be shaved. The basic goal is to shave every object until it is completely smooth. As the game progresses, new surprising mechanisms and goals are introduced that can be explored: for example, growing hair back on an object, avoiding certain areas when shaving, or discovering unexpected things under the hair.

The core motivation of the game is the exploration of interaction and the surprising discovery of unexpected objects and/or mechanisms.


Sonja Böckler

Mentorinnen / Mentoren:

René Bauer, Ulrich Götz, Mela Kocher