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The game prototype PLUI is an exploration of the use of vector graphics in video games. The game character moves unperturbed through the minimalistic game world, on the hunt for a constantly fleeing rain cloud. Because they want nothing more than to be able to enjoy the pleasant patter of rain on their umbrella.

The minimalist and abstract style of PLUI is, on the one hand, an artistic preference and, on the other, a means to reinforce the narrative of the game. In PLUI the players exploratively navigate the round avatar Mu through an abstract space. The interaction with this virtual space is central to "PLUI". Through its manipulation, new paths open up, puzzles are solved and the pursuit continues, always in the hope of finally being able to enjoy the desired rain in peace.

Non-verbal storytelling through the animation and the design of the environment is planned for the final implementation of the game.

Vector graphics are rarely fully used in games. Vector graphics are able to represent forms with simple geometric means. The manipulation and change of these visual characteristics can lead to novel game-play interactions. Since the lines of all elements are of the same thickness, a smooth transition is created where an object begins or ends. Thus the virtual world merges into a single complex, interdependent line construct.

PLUI was created as part of a bachelor thesis in the Subject Area in Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.


Leander Schneeberger