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Environmental Storytelling: Narratives and Guidance in 3D Exploration Games

Building game worlds with immersive, engaging and complementary design is crucial. «Pioneer» attempts to address this by seamlessly embedding narratives and guidance systems within 3D environments. It concerns diminishing reliance on obvious or overt methods of storytelling and player-leading in video games with an emphasis on 3D exploration games.

Video Interview. © ZHdK Game Design.

For «Pioneer» I chose a realistic art style as I would like the game experience to be as naturalistic and at the same time as immersive as possible. I also have a personal preference for more realistic art styles in games.

Teaser Video. © ZHdK Game Design.

The focus on the game's environment as the principle method of narration and guidance makes it unique. My project puts a huge emphasis on the design of the environment as the main body of the game.

Inspired by his love for art and fascination with digital simulations, Alain (*1995) has been honing his skills in game development for over 5 years. Born Swiss and raised in South Africa, Alain earned his bachelor’s degree in game art and animation in Geneva, 2019. Alain is a 3D artist specialising in the design of video game environments. His focus lies in creating immersive and awe-inspiring virtual worlds, transporting viewers to alternate realities and sharing parts of his mind with them.