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Accalmie - Find your distractions

© ZHdK Game Design.
© ZHdK Game Design.

«Accalmie» is an atmospheric game inspired by mechanics found in meditation. The character floats through a garden, adding colour to a place that lost all of its joy. However, some distractions will get in the way of your goal. Discover your inner world through your weaknesses and become stronger by confronting them.

Video Interview. © ZHdK Game Design.

Teaservideo. © ZHdK Game Design.

The color-based mechanic has an impact on the art style. I don't want to overwhelm the player, so I simply use two colors. To create an emotional, imperfect effect, I used texture as an overlay. On the 3d models I kept highly rounded and flown shapes. The overall tone of the game should be gentle and simple.

Kathleen decided to pursue game design after completing a vocational training as an interactive media designer and a year of internships at two different advertising agencies. To her, games provide a diverse range of artistic expression. Their ability to create strong bonds with players also drew her in. She mainly focused on two aspects during her studies: The art and design of video games and the game-feel.