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Jam Today

JamToday is the first Europe-wide network to engage in an international and interdisciplinary context with innovative Serious and Applied Game Design across a wide range of application areas. The network brings stakeholders together from a wide spectrum of sectors and areas of expertise, including industry (particularly the gaming industry), teaching and learning, and research.

Every year, it organizes public gaming events at local, national and international level, throughout Europe. The games are open to anyone wishing to take part. These game jams, generally lasting 48 hours, challenge interdisciplinary teams to come up with game-based solutions, on the basis of a general thematic shortlist, particularly for educational applications. Each year’s JamToday event is focused on a specific issue.

  • 2014: Improving ICT skills (e.g. learning programming, or developing a game)
  • 2015: Adopting healthier lifestyles (e.g. eating more healthily, or being a better citizen)
  • 2016: Supporting learning of mathematics (e.g. improving sustained concentration)

As well as being a network of experts, JamToday provides an opportunity, with specially developed tools, for expert evaluation of the results of Game Jams and their potential impacts.

The JamToday Network aims to make a lasting contribution to the new generation of Educational Games in Europe, and at the same time increase awareness of and promote the idea of using gaming in educational contexts.

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Project leader:


Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken; Maike Thies


2014 - 2017


ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP); Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community

Jam Today