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Ulrich Götz

Head of Subject Area in Game Design

Prof. Ulrich Götz heads the subject area in Game Design, leading the generation of curricular content, structural organization of the subject matter, and university teaching. Ulrich has built up extensive experience in the research and development of serious & applied games, over years of cooperation with numerous partners from medical, therapeutical, and educational contexts.

The central themes in Ulrich‘s university teaching are spatial design in virtual environments, 3D-modelling and animation, game concepts and analysis, motivation design, and the development of serious & applied games.

René Bauer

Head of Master's specialization, Subject Area in Game Design

René Bauer ist Leiter der MA-Vertiefung der Fachrichtung Game Design und unterrichtet mit Schwerpunkt auf Game Engine Development. Er ist in Projektentwicklungen in Studium und Forschung engagiert. Er betreibt die Auseinandersetzung mit Games im Bereich Gamestudies und Kulturwissenschaften. Als Game Designer und Applicationsentwickler betreibt er eigene Spielprojekte, experimentiert mit AND-OR an der Schnittstelle zwischen Game und Kunst und arbeitet an kollaborativen Schreibumgebungen wie nic-las oder textmachina (Web 2.0).

Beat Suter


Beat Suter works as lecturer for Game Design at the University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland (ZHDK), and manages the GameLab. He has a Dr. Phil. from the University of Zurich. From 2006 - 2014 he also worked as a lecturer for the Merz Academy Stuttgart. He organizes festivals and symposia on Indie Games and Game Studies. He is the president of the gameZfestival association. He is founding member of the internationally known art group AND-OR that specializes in gameart and netart. He also works as publisher (edition cyberfiction) and author and reviews projects for the national research funds of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Recently he co-authored the creative card set IdeasForGames.

Margarete Jahrmann


Margarete Jahrmann (DR. PHIL. MAG.ART., Professor for BA/ MA subject area in Game Design) is an artist, curator and researcher in activism, games & arts with an international record of exhibitions and conferences. Jahrmann has received major media arts awards, such as Prix Ars Electronica 2003 and Transmediale Berlin 2004. Since 2006 she is Professor for Game Design at the University of Arts Zürich. She is founder of the Ludic Society, an arts research association on the topic of play and pataphysics, with a record of urban game interventions and international festival appearances. Since 2006 she is editor of the Ludic Society magazine. From 2007 on she put a focus on performance and fashion in relation to games, as presented in a series of works, like the Pong Dress or the Triple A profiler performances.

2016 she edited the VOID Book a concept book on play rules together with Max Moswitzer at the occasion of on decade of Ludic Society. The book was presented in performance soirées, including Deep Play & Brainwave methods, as at the occasion of 100 years of DADA at Cabaret Voltaire Zurich and Auditorium Durchhaus Vienna as well as at Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung in Berlin. In 2016 she co-authored a symposium at the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel in collaboration with the BABEL RESEARCH group South Africa in order to launch and publicly discuss her new research focus on play, ‘pataphysics and the Tower of Babel as cultural, technological and urban metaphor in games and play.

From 2010 to 2013 she led a EU funded research project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, TEF on Technology, Exchange and Flow. The research outcome was presented in an exhibition game at Kunsthalle Karlsplatz Vienna. She was Lead Designer of this exhibition game on a series of game arts installations in international museums, as ZKM Karlsruhe, Laboral Gijon or Kunstmuseum Aaros. 2013 she published a book on Play and Subliminal messages, featuring also the exhibition game as genre and research design together with Brigitte Felderer under the title Play & Prosume. Schleichender Kommerz und schnelle Avantgarde, Verlag für Moderne Kunst Nürnberg. 2015 she worked and published on Agon& Ares, war and games, as published 2016 in the book Agon & Ares (Ed. Ernst Strouhal, Springer Wien/ New York). In 2015 she also wrote Deep Play. Arts experiments as strategies of participative research, In: Journal for Research Cultures. Strategien künstlerischen und wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens. Issue #1, Ed. Matthias Tarasiewicz, Research Institute for Arts & Technology (RIAT).

Max Moswitzer


Der Medienkünstler Max Moswitzer doziert in der Fachrichtung Game Design. Er lehrt Aspekte der Integration von Kunst und Gesellschaftskritik in Computerspiele.

Daniel Hug

Visiting lecturer

Daniel Hug ist Lehrbeauftragter in der Fachrichtung Game Design.

Seine bisherige Tätigkeitsfelder umfassen Musik, Sound Design, Interaction Design und Projektleitung in der angewandten Forschung. Seit 1999 untersucht er Fragestellungen zur klanglichen Interaktionsgestaltung durch künstlerische Installationen, Designprojekte und theoretische Publikationen. Seit 2005 lehrt Hug Sound Studies und Sound Design für interaktive Medien und Videospiele in der Fachrichtung Game Design der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Hug promoviert an der Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung Linz mit einer Arbeit zur klanglichen Gestaltung interaktiver Gebrauchsgegenstände und steht dabei in engem Kontakt zum Netzwerk der Europäischen COST Initiative Sonic Interaction Design (SID).

Florian Faller


Florian Faller ist Dozent in der Fachrichtung Game Design und unterrichtet mit Schwerpunkt auf Game Visuals und Game Business. Seine Tätigkeit als Game Designer umfasst unabhängige und experimentelle Arbeiten, Serious Game Projekte und kommerzielle Titel. Florian Fallers Arbeiten wurden mehrfach international ausgezeichnet und werden regelmässig an internationalen Festivals und Ausstellungen gezeigt. Daneben kuratiert er selbst Ausstellungen und veröffentlicht Publikationen mit Bezug auf Game Culture. Bevor er sich dem Gestalten und Entwickeln von Spielen widmete, studierte er Germanistik an der Universität Basel, lebte mehrere Jahre in Berlin und arbeitete mit verschiedenen audiovisuellen Medien.

Reto Spoerri

Visiting lecturer

Reto Spoerri ist Geschäftsführer der Firma Ludic GmbH. Er entwickelt seit 2008 Projekte im Serious-, Art und Casual Games Bereich. Er ist Lehrbeauftragter in der Fachrichtung Game Design.

Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken

Senior Researcher

Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken is Senior Researcher at the Subject Area in Game Design of the Zurich University of the Arts. With her background in sports science her work mainly focuses on body-centered Exergames, Rehabilitation Games, Games for Health and on Game Experience Research. Since 2013 she leads an R&D project on Exergame Fitness Training for children and young adolescents and is responsible for the accompanying research and teaching in the field of Serious & Applied Games. During her PhD scholarship at the TU Darmstadt she researched the technology-mediated experience of space while playing digital sports games.

Mela Kocher

Research Fellow

Dr. Mela Kocher ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin in der MA-Vertiefung der Fachrichtung Game Design. Sie arbeitet im Bereich Forschung und Entwicklung (mit den Schwerpunkten Applied Games und Urban Games). Für das International Office entwickelte sie das Urban Game LucyZH, das internationalen Studierenden die Stadt Zürich näher bringt. In der Lehre ist sie in der BA-Vertiefung der Fachrichtung Game Design (Seminare zu Serious and Applied Games) und im Master of Arts in Design (Fach-Orientierung C, Minorstudium) tätig.


Maike Thies

Research Fellow

Maike Thies is a Research Fellow at the Bachelor Specialization of the Subject Area in Game Design. Among other things she is responsible for communications & public relations, events, workshops and exhibitions. She curates and coordinates the interdisciplinary lecture series Kein Kino at the Toni Kino. Her research activities focus on interactive theatre, narrative spaces and installations (Dramaturgy, Screenplay/Script).

She studied Media Studies and German Literature at the University of Trier, Germany and graduated in October 2010. In her master thesis she discussed and revealed contemporary tendencies in the field of animated documentaries. During an exchange year (2008/2009) she studied at the Department of Film Studies at the University of Zurich.

+41 43 446 3263

Derya Sazpinar

Administrative Assistant

Derya Sazpinar is responsible for all organizational processes in the Subject Area in Game Design.
+41 43 446 3254

Goran Saric


Goran Saric arbeitet als Unterrichtsassistent in der Fachrichtung Game Design. 2017 schloss er sein Master Studium in der Fachrichtung Game Design an der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) ab. Zuvor absolvierte er eine Lehre als Informatiker und arbeitete für verschiedene Unternehmen im Raum Zürich. Goran Saric ist Mitgründer der Firma Okomotive GmbH und arbeitet dort als Game Designer und Programmierer.

Marco Bach


Marco Bach is a swiss-born creative, based in Zurich, Switzerland. He holds a bachelor of arts in product and industrial design with a specialization in game design from Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. He further received a diploma for digital film and 3D animation from SAE Zurich. Since 2011 he has been working for a range of high-end clients in the Swiss creative industry, such as SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen and Hinderling Volkart. In the meantime he has also realized a variety of design projects with many clients as a freelance graphic and motion designer. Marco works as a creative assistant for the game design department of Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. He co-founded The Collective, where he is furthermore working on an iPad game called amii. In addition to his engagement at ZHdK he is also working for SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen.

Christoph Polus

Visiting lecturer

Christoph Polus studierte Wirtschaftsinformatik an der FFHS und war viele Jahre in grossen Firmen als IT-Berater tätig. Seit 2011 widmet er sich ausschliesslich der Soundproduktion für Film und Games. In der Bachelor-Vertiefung der Fachrichtung Game Design unterrichtet er das Modul Sound Design für Game Designer, in dem er seine Erfahrungen aus zahlreichen Spieleproduktionen und sein praktisches Wissen hinsichtlich Game-Engines mit Fokus auf Sound vermittelt.