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Game Jam As A Design Method

Can Game Jams be defined as a design method, and from the current state of the art, can they be used as a pre-production process?

A game jam is a video game development event, where game designers, programmers, artists and musicians come together to create a game in a limited period of time. It takes a process that usually requires years and compresses it into the duration of a single weekend.

As these events become more and more popular, it is now important, not only for the world of game design, but also for the world of design, to understand game jams and how they can be used in different contexts and in different shapes.

The goal of this master thesis is to define and to categorize the several types of game jams, to critique the model against the current state of the art in the games industry, analyze it as a pre-production process, and finally, define it as a design method.


Elias Farhan





Master of Arts in Design:

Game Jam As A Design Method
Game Jam As A Design Method