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Press X for Sex

An analytical and practical approach to the relationship between sex and video games

How do you create a video game that approaches the topic of sex in a different way than mainstream games?

Sex is one of the greatest pastimes in the world. And so are video games. But how do they go together?

In my thesis, I give a historical and analytical overview over the different ways video games have handled the topic of sex. This is done by developing an analytical framework to examine how explicitly aspects like gameplay and graphics are presented in games. Based on this research, I designed a video game that deals with sex, or rather, some of its aspects. As sex is a broad field with many different facets ranging from biological to sociological, the scope of my game focused on one particular side, in this case gay male sexuality. This focal point – and the concentration on text as its main feature – sets the game far apart from mainstream representations of sex in video games.


Andreas Halter





Master of Arts in Design:

Press X for Sex
Press X for Sex